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Benefits of Cold Laser Therapy for Pets
February 8, 2022

Veterinary cold laser therapy has been gaining popularity among pet owners in Evergreen, CO in recent years. An increasing number of pet owners are discovering its benefits for pet healthcare. Similar to complementary treatments such as massage therapy and acupuncture, cold laser therapy can provide a wide range of benefits.

5 Things Every Pet Parent Should Know
January 5, 2021

Owning a pet means that you may need to deal with some unexpected occurrences. From peeing on your new rug to chewing your favorite shoes, you might find yourself groaning in frustration.

Do Dogs Need Dental Care?
November 30, 2021

Yes, dogs need dental care. Oral health is as vital for ​our canine friends as it is for humans. Just like humans, dogs develop plaque and tartar formed by food particles that stick on their teeth.

Healthy Holidays For Your Pets
November 2, 2021

With changing aspens and cooler temperatures come the beginning of the holiday season. First up is the spookiest time of the year—Halloween.

Why Should I Spay or Neuter My Pet?
October 19, 2021

Spaying or neutering your pet may be a hard decision to make, but it is crucial for its benefits. Spaying or neutering benefits your pet both medically and behaviorally.

Ten Fall Pet Safety Tips
September 30, 2021

Fall is a great time to get out with your pets. There are earthy scents, cool temperatures, and bright colors that offer the ideal setting for long walks with your pet. However, pet owners should take some measures to ensure the safety and happiness of their pets. These measures may include:

Is Cold Laser Therapy Effective in Dogs?
August 25, 2021

As a pet owner, you want your animal companion to have the best and healthiest quality of life. Since you love and care about your pet, you will do everything possible to alleviate any pain and/or discomfort they may be experiencing.

5 Reasons to Microchip Your Pet
August 1, 2021

Losing your beloved pet can be very traumatic. Millions of pets go missing each year, leaving their owners dealing with guilt and regret. 

Avoid The Summertime Blues
May 31, 2021

As we enjoy our summer trips, barbecues, and outings with family and friends, we of course want our animal companions to participate. But what is perfectly safe for us can sometimes present a threat to our pets. We at Evergreen Animal Hospital want to help you avoid trips to the animal ER this summer, so below is some guidance on how to keep your furry friends safe. 

Why Veterinarians are Leery of Grain-Free Diets
April 28, 2021

A possible link to Dilated Cardiomyopathy. Dilated Cardiomyopathy (DCM) is a life-threatening condition in which the heart muscle grows in size and the walls of the heart thin and weaken. The condition significantly decreases the heart’s ability to contract and effectively push blood throughout the body. Dogs with DCM may cough, show signs of exercise intolerance, and weight loss. In advanced stages of DCM, dogs can collapse or even die suddenly.

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