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Ten Fall Pet Safety Tips

Fall is a great time to get out with your pets. There are earthy scents, cool temperatures, and bright colors that offer the ideal setting for long walks with your pet. However, pet owners should take some measures to ensure the safety and happiness of their pets. These measures may include:




Many people choose to top off their vehicles’ antifreeze in the Autumn to guarantee that their engines do not stall if the temperature drops. The downside is that antifreeze has a sweet smell and taste that your pets may find appealing. But it is highly poisonous, harming your pet if ingested. To prevent this, ensure you store the bottles from your animal’s reach.


Beware of Ticks


Many species of ticks survive the winter. Keep an eye out for ticks when playing in leaves. Also, continue using natural insect repellants to help protect your pet. Additionally, do not forget to inspect your pet after they have been outside.


Be Careful Around Mushrooms


This is the time of year when mushrooms begin to sprout in your yard. Animals are naturally curious and will consume anything. While many mushrooms are safe to eat, some are extremely toxic. Keep a close eye on your pet while they are outside to make sure they do not consume anything poisonous.


Watch Out for Wildlife


Snakes, bears, skunks, and others are usually looking for a meal in the Fall before hibernation. If you live in an area that is prone to dangerous wild animals, you may consider keeping your pet on a leash until the snow falls.




Fall is famous for Halloween and Thanksgiving. Pets see decorations as fun toys. Ensure you keep these decorations out of reach. This may not be how you want them, but they may be containing toxic metals. Your pet can easily chew those decorations and choke. Fall also means that some guests may be coming over. If your pet is apprehensive around new people, ensure your guests are aware of this before they arrive.


Get Your Pet Microchipped


Some owners may prefer collars or tags, but microchips are more effective. This is because they are permanent and cannot be easily interfered with. If your pet ever gets lost and is found, the microchip will help you get to your pet. If your pet is already microchipped, ensure that the information on it is up to date.


School Supplies


Fall is back-to-school season. Ensure you keep your school supplies out of reach. Your pet could easily choke on erasers or eat that toxic glue, or even worse, hurt themselves with a blade from a pencil sharpener.


Holiday Treats


The holiday treat season begins in the Fall, with pumpkin spice delights of various kinds, followed by Halloween candies, Thanksgiving feasts, and tasty foods. However, many of these treats like chocolate, fat, and spices may be extremely harmful to dogs.




As the temperature cools in the Fall, rats and mice see your house as a perfect location to remain warm and dry. Most people opt to use rodenticides to keep these small animals away. Your pet could easily ingest these rodenticides, and this can be lethal.




As the days become shorter in Fall, that early morning or evening stroll may be in near-total darkness. This makes it harder to notice pets, and they may be in danger of being hit by a car or being lost. If your pet has dark fur, invest in a reflective collar or leash.


For more pet safety tips, call Evergreen Animal Hospital at our office in Evergreen, Colorado at (303) 674-4331 and speak with our team about any questions or to book an appointment today.

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