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Do Dogs Need Dental Care?

Yes, dogs need dental care. Oral health is as vital for ​our canine friends as it is for humans. Just like humans, dogs develop plaque and tartar formed by food particles that stick on their teeth. Plaque and tartar buildup cause bacteria to grow in the mouth. With time, the bacteria can spread around the teeth and may cause gum disease. If left untreated, gum disease can lead to periodontal disease that can cause tooth loss.


According to studies, periodontal disease is prevalent in 80 percent of dogs over three years old. It is not an easy task to inspect a dog’s teeth. For this reason, most dog owners cannot tell if their pet is experiencing any oral issues. That is why it is important to schedule annual physical and dental examinations for your dog with ​Evergreen Animal Hospital.


There are several reasons why you need to consider dental care for dogs. By improving your dog’s oral hygiene, you are helping your canine friend avoid more than just tooth decay. Other reasons why you should prioritize your dog's dental care include:


Prevent Pain


Nobody wants to see their pet in pain. Dogs are good at hiding dental pain, and you may not realize their affliction until it becomes advanced. Gum diseases such as gingivitis and periodontitis can cause pain.


These diseases can cause cavities and toothaches, and pet dental care can help prevent symptoms such as drooling, painful or bleeding gums, loose teeth, and broken teeth. Taking your dog to the vet regularly will help your vet be on the lookout for any signs ​(erase "or symptoms" -- dogs cannot have symptoms) of dental diseases to prevent your dog from experiencing pain.


Prevent Tooth Loss


With time, the teeth's supporting structures may become infected or damaged. Without proper dental care, these supporting structures may weaken, causing your dog's teeth to loosen or even fall out.


Tooth loss can affect your dog’s ability to chew properly, eventually affecting their overall health and wellness. ​(Erase this sentence -- redundant, and tooth damage is not an "eating disorder") Your vet can detect any dental issues ​at their onset during physical examinations and treat them before they get worse.


Prevent Bad Breath


As much as you love your dog’s slobbery licks, you do not want to get a nasty whiff of their bad breath. If your dog has persistent bad breath, that could be a sign of bacteria building up in their mouth. Food particles that stick between your dog’s teeth start to decay over time, causing bad breath.


Ensuring your dog gets regular professional pet dental cleanings ​at Evergreen Animal Hospital will prevent bad odor from developing. Vet​erinarians use the proper equipment and technique to thoroughly clean off any food particles that are stuck between your dog’s teeth, as well as plaque and tartar buildup.


Prevent Organ Damage


You need to brush your ​dog’s teeth regularly to remove food particles between their teeth. Lack of proper oral care can lead to the growth of bacteria in their mouth, which can lead to gum diseases such as periodontitis.


If left untreated, the bacteria in their mouth will grow exponentially, enter their bloodstream, and spread to their internal organs. This ​can lead to infection, making them vulnerable to diseases and subsequent organ damage.


To learn more about whether your dog needs dental care, contact Evergreen Animal Hospital at (303) 674-4331 to ask any questions or to book an appointment.

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