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The Importance of Vaccinating Your Dog for Leptospirosis
April 28, 2021

Dogs in contact with rivers, lakes, or streams, are at the highest risk of contracting leptospirosis as well as animals exposed to infected wildlife, even in your own backyard. This describes the majority of active Colorado dogs, especially dogs living in our mountain communities who are in contact with wildlife on a daily basis. Exposure occurs through contact with infected urine, water, soil, eating infected carcasses, and multiple other routes of transmission.

How Can I Tell If My Kitty Is In Pain?
April 27, 2021

Let’s Start With Arthritis. When people think about arthritis, they tend to think about themselves (humans) or perhaps their dogs.  Rarely do pet owners think about it as a problem for cats, partially because cats are so good at hiding their pain.  Cats are solitary hunters and are also prey, so they do all they can to not appear vulnerable to enemies.  You, as their caretaker, need to be aware of and watch for any signs that might indicate sickness or pain.  An interesting fact is that arthritis, or degenerative joint disease (DJD), doesn’t only happen in old cats.  Some cats as young as two to four years old may have it. 

Heartworms, Mosquitos and Ticks – Here in the Foothills
April 5, 2021

It has long been thought by residents and even some veterinary health professionals within Jefferson and Park country Colorado that we do not have significant issues with mosquitos and ticks.

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