Dental care is vital to the overall health of any animal. Dental disease can lead to major health issues with the heart, liver, and kidneys due to the bacteria in the mouth traveling in the bloodstream. Unfortunately, other than bad breath, sometimes there are few signs of the disease process evident. However, the alarming fact is that 85 percent of all pets have dental disease by the time they are three years of age.

There are a few important ways to improve your pet’s dental health such as home brushing, dental chews, and the most important being regular oral exams with your veterinarian.
The most effective way to protect your pet from dental disease is through regular professional cleanings. We perform thorough cleanings that include an extensive oral examination, digital dental x-rays to diagnose any underlying disease under the gums, scaling and polishing.

If needed, we will suggest extractions, oral surgery, and endodontics. Recent studies have shown that good oral health may add up to 2 years to your pet’s life.

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