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Emergency Care Directive | Financial Responsibility.
In case of an emergency
Please allow Evergreen Animal Hospital (EAH) to make decisions for the care of my pet in case of an emergency. If my animal is transported to this facility, I will be responsible for all payments. Evergreen Animal Hospital will keep a copy of this form in our records.
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Emergency Care Request
Evergreen Animal Hospital will try to contact you as soon as possible if your pet is brought in as an emergency. If I cannot be consulted, I wish for Evergreen Animal Hospital to (Please mark only one)
Choice of care

Take care of my pet to the best that EAH can deliver and I will be responsible for all services rendered.
Only stabilize my animal until I can be consulted. This typically would include oxygen, fluids and pain medication if needed. Hospitalization charges will still apply for all hours my pet is in the care of EAH and I will be responsible for all charges.
I don't want my animal cared for if I'm not present. The care giver of my animal will be sent home without service preformed.

Thank you for allowing Evergreen Animal Hospital to provide for your pets health care needs.

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