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Medical Pet Boarding vs. Standard Pet Boarding

As pet owners, we don’t intend to have to leave our animals in the care of anyone else. However, sometimes circumstances arise where we have to entrust someone else with our furry friend for a few days or more. This could be for a business trip, a family vacation, or even a little stay in the hospital.

A boarding facility is the best place to look after your pet when you are apart. However, how do you know which type of boarding is right for your adorable animal? Let’s find out.


What is Regular Pet Boarding?

Regular pet boarding is a facility designed to look after animals while their owners are away. These specially-adapted premises provide sleeping accommodation, somewhere for animals to eat, and space to socialize (if you so wish). They are usually run by experienced professionals who are passionate about animals.

A regular pet boarding facility should ensure that your pet is healthy, safe, and as happy as possible during their stay. It provides basic care, including feeding, exercise, and mental stimulation. Many can administer medication, and some offer additional services like grooming or training classes.


What is Medical Boarding?

Medical boarding refers to leaving your pet with a veterinary facility rather than an ordinary boarding center. When you choose to board your pet with a veterinary facility for medical boarding, not only do they receive the usual care and attention that they would get from a regular boarding center, but they will also be able to receive any medical care that they may need in your absence. This can range from administering medication each day to providing intense medical support. Such as providing pain relief, changing dressings, taking blood samples, and more.

Key benefits of medical boarding:

There are a variety of reasons why some owners prefer medical boarding. These include that:

  • Animals will receive their medication administered properly and at the correct times each day

  • Animals are closely monitored by trained, professional staff

  • There is an experienced staff caring for your pet’s individual needs

  • Animals have 24/7 access to medical care

  • Pets are in the very safest and most experienced hands


When Should You Choose Medical Pet Boarding Over Standard Pet Boarding?

Many animals can be left at regular boarding facilities with no issue. However, some circumstances require medical pet boarding.

You should consider medical pet boarding if your pet:

  • Takes regular medications or routinely tries to avoid taking their medication

  • Is likely to have an emergency while you are apart

  • Is older and more likely to experience deterioration in their health

  • Has recently had surgery, and you cannot care for them at home

Medical pet boarding can also be a good option if you are particularly anxious about leaving your pet in the care of someone else. They will be monitored more closely.

To find out more about medical pet boarding versus standard pet boarding, please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly and compassionate veterinary team. Call our office in Evergreen, Colorado at (303) 674-4331.

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