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8 Problems That Acupuncture Can Treat in Dogs

Acupuncture is a treatment that injects thin, fine needles into the skin at specific pressure points to cure various physical and mental problems. Veterinarian experts believe the treatment stimulates the nervous system.

That, in turn, activates the body's natural healing properties and encourages physical and emotional comfort. That said, acupuncture treats pain and inflammation in dogs but may not work for every dog or situation. Here are eight problems that acupuncture can treat in dogs.


Mood and Anxiety Problems

Acupuncture can help alleviate anxiety and mood problems in dogs. Dogs have pressure points around the head that the needles can use to help soothe your pet. Acupuncture provides extra help in managing severe cases of anxiety where behavior modification drugs are not enough. It helps reduce the medicines your dog needs to control severe cases of anxiety.


Orthopedic Disorders

Acupuncture can relieve pain in dogs with the following:


  • Back pain

  • Arthritis

  • Joint inflammation

  • Intervertebral disc pain

  • Hip dysplasia

Your dog may qualify for acupuncture if they have any of the above orthopedic disorders. The treatment may ease pain and improve flexibility and motion in the joints. Studies prove that the treatment can help boost your dog's life quality.


Chronic Wounds

Chronic wounds do not go through the normal stages of healing and fail to repair within a predictable period. Medical experts view such wounds as chronic. Chronic wounds usually stay swollen for too long and may take many years to recover. Acupuncture places needles in the swelling to improve blood flow in the area and encourage healing.


Digestive Problems

Acupuncture needles in the stomach help balance your dog's digestive system. They can help ease nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, constipation, and bloating in your dog.

Studies show that acupuncture can stir up the muscles in the intestines to contract and relax as they push the food forward. This restored balance in the gut and stomach helps improve digestion.



Acupuncture can treat problems like asthma and allergies in dogs. It does that by activating the immune system to fight inflammation. Your veterinarian will tell you how many acupuncture sessions your dog needs for asthma based on the disease's severity.


Heart Disease

Acupuncture can help with heart problems. The needles can treat congestive heart failure. Congestive heart failure happens when the heart cannot pump blood to the body. That results in a buildup of pressure and fluid that leaks into body organs, like the lungs. Acupuncture helps the body lose the accumulated fluid and maintain blood flow. It can also relieve blood pressure and irregular heartbeat in dogs.


Kidney Disease

Acupuncture improves kidney function by relieving blood pressure from kidney disease and improving urine flow. The treatment also helps reduce swelling in the kidneys and relieve loss of bladder control or incontinence.


Neurological Disorders

Dog acupuncture can cure neurological disorders, such as seizures and epilepsy. It improves the flow of blood and nutrients in the nerves, slows down breathing, and brings feelings of calm and relaxation. That helps calm nerves in the head that cause seizures.


How Long Does Acupuncture Take to Work on Dogs?

It may take a couple of treatment sessions to notice an improvement in your dog, or you may see it immediately. Veterinarians recommend at least three sessions to see the treatment's effectiveness.

For more about the problems that acupuncture can treat in dogs, visit our Evergreen Animal Hospital office in Evergreen, Colorado. Call (303) 674-4331 to schedule an appointment today.

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